While I was growing up, my dad raised sunflowers.  We were some of the only people around raising them at first, and as a result ALL the blackbirds from miles around flocked to our fields.  The total flock that descended on us must of been approaching a million.  It was a matter of economic necessity to do something about it, or our crop was going to be completely lost.

We bought some shotguns and shells and learned to shoot.  It was fun at first.  If we could get into the right position we could put the complete load from several guns unto the rising flock before they got away.  You couldn’t miss.  It would rain dead blackbirds.

But we couldn’t be out there in all of our fields all day every day to protect them until harvest time which was about a month away.  So some ingenious American had come up with what we called a boomer.  A boomer was a hollow tube about 3 feet long and 3/4 of an inch in diameter, with a propane tank, a valve, a timer, and an igniter.  The timer could be adjusted, and when it timed out  the valve opened to let a little propane into the tube, the igniter would fire and BOOM it would go off.  It was designed to sound just like a shotgun.

At first, the blackbirds went away and we thought we had the problem licked.  But when we came back 2 days later, there were the blackbirds again, eating our livelihood.  We found that the boomers were still going off as designed, but the blackbirds no longer respected them.  In fact, we found blackbirds sitting and pooping sunflower seed residue all over them.

So, back with the shotguns.  But then we noticed something.  As long as we regularly – as in every day – went out there for an hour or two and put some real lead into a few blackbirds, they respected the boomers and stayed away.  A few of their comrades really had to die for the threat of that distinctive sound to be respected.

Today, we Conservatives face a real dilemma.  If we vote for the squishy RINOs that the establishment by hook and crook puts before us on the ballot, we perpetuate their belief that we are not serious.  They believe that we have no choice but to vote for their tards.  They believe that in the end we will show up in November.  They believe that we will accept that the Senate is too important to vote against McConnell and Cochran.  They believe that Cantor was just a one-time thing, and that they can recruit blacks to destroy quality Tea-Party candidates.

They are the blackbirds and they think we are the boomers, just making noise.  They are pooping on our thunder.  It’s time to put up or shut up.  We have got to realize, that for the greater good of the country, someone has to lose our support and lose an election.

I strongly suggest that we intentionally and directly proclaim that our victims are going to be Thad Cochran and Mitch McConnell.  I am not a leader in this party in any way shape or form.  I call on conservative movement leadership to publicly push for Cochran’s and McConnell’s defeat.  We can individually protest by not voting, but the value of that is largely wasted.  A public call for protest votes AGAINST these squishes is exactly what we need this fall.

Who knows, maybe if we do this soon enough, the Republican Party will realize the mistake they have made and actually fix things in Mississippi.


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