Ann Coulter: Establishment Harpie

What the … heck?

If you dare, go take a look at this: http://www.anncoulter.com/columns/2014-07-09.html

According to Coulter the correct course of action for Chris McDaniel is to throw in the towel and take his lumps.

Where to even begin with this one?

For starters: Chris McDaniel isn’t a quitter, and that is exactly what we need in Washington.  Most of the Republican establishment quits and goes home and regularly allows the Democrats to roll over them.  That’s a real problem and someone like McDaniel is just the sort of fighter we need.  Along side Ted Cruz we would then have two people there that will keep dishing it out long after the K-street suck ups have given up the fight.

Second: She is buying into the narrative that it is OK to decide elections fraudulently.  Even if all the elections she mentions were won fraudulently (and that is not certain in most of the cases she cites) that doesn’t make it acceptable and proper to just give up this time.  Why is it EVER acceptable to allow people to steal elections?  How about if we get the facts out and see where things land?  How about a real investigation?  It’s absolutely no wonder we keep getting our butts kicked:  We have a model for participation in Democracy that says that if the other guy steals an election, we  just lie down and let him do it.  That’s the ultimate defeatist’s attitude.  I am absolutely sickened by her admission to such a position.

And, is she suggesting that Al Gore may have had the election stolen from him in 2000?  Is she saying that both sides do it, so get over it?

Of course she doesn’t really believe a word of it.  She says it in this case because she wants Thad Cochran back in the US Senate next year.  Like the entire Republican establishment, she thinks that the Tea Party is hurting the Republican brand.  She’s WRONG, DEAD WRONG!!!!

Thad Cochran isn’t going to make the difference between a Senate that follows the Constitution and one that doesn’t.  With Thad we’re going to get the same OLD thing, whether Mitch is in charge or Harry.  If Thad’s the nominee we may as well not vote this fall.  Who cares who wins.  Establishment Republicans in charge will just cave in to Obama anyway.

Chris McDaniel would make a real difference and we came too far to just give up now.

Conservatives, we have got to do something drastic and dramatic!  We have got to change things now.


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