What stupid thing did Mitch say today?


McConnell told reporters that the fate of Kynect – Kentucky’s state-run health insurance exchange – is not connected to the federal health care law. But the exchange would not exist if not for the law that created it.   (AP – 5/23/2014)

Hmmm?  Seems that Mitch wants it both ways.

So what if there are 400,000 people on Kynect?  They aren’t going to vote for you Mitch.  These are the welfare queens, so stop worrying about them.  Most are too high on Meth to get out and vote anyway.  Sure some of them will vote against you, but they were going to do that anyway.

Mitch, REPEALING Obamacare means REPEALING KYNECT too!!  Get used to it! Be proud of it.  Wear it like it’s something good, BECAUSE IT IS!

I am simply amazed with the stupidity of some of our voters.  How on earth did we pass on Bevin and vote for this idiot.

Mitch needs to get this right.  When we win the Senate in November, this guy is going to be in charge (come January).  With an attitude like this I am already wondering what the point of a Republican Senate would be?