When Do I Get Mine?

I’ve been paying attention to politics for a long time now.  I have always been a staunch CHRISTIAN Conservative.  I have always voted – Republican.  I have always supported candidates that respect human life with my time and my money.

Over my lifetime I’ve seen significant tax reductions for wealthy Americans – and I believe that is good for America.  But, being in a lower income bracket that has hardly helped me.

I continue to see farmers getting large subsidies for NOT raising crops – but I don’t see how that helps me.

I see bailouts of the banks and GM and Chrysler.  I see nuclear power plants getting government subsidized loans.  Do those things help me?

I see the lazy getting welfare and now free medical care, I see foreign invaders getting those things too, I see foreign countries getting aid, but nothing material ever comes my way.

And please, I realize that many of these things are imposed on this country by our Leftist “friends” otherwise known as the Democratic Party.

But, believe it or not, as disgusting as some of that is, everything above, I can live with!  This is, after all, supposed to be a Democracy and I am a reasonable guy – I know I cannot get my way all the time.  But: Can’t I get my way at least some of the time?

But it’s far worse than that (and this is the part that really gets to me): I’m not seeing ANYTHING getting done that is on my agenda!  No, to the contrary, I am now being told that I need to shut up! I’m being told that my position is too radical to win elections!!  I’m being told that I need to moderate my extremist positions and cool my jets, and settle down and to stop being such a pain in the a$$, and …  Conservatives can’t win, they say.  To which I reply: When have they let us try?

Would you like to know what’s on my AGENDA?  I’m not talking about the small stuff here .  All those things mentioned above are material things, and they will all fade away.   Nope, my agenda is big and very simple: I want to see the United State of America return to God and start respecting human life.  I want an amendment to the Constitution that says that life begins at conception.

Now, I am also a very pragmatic man.  I realize it is going to take time and that lots of innocent lives are going to be lost in the meantime.  Unfortunately our popular culture has accepted the theology of death so completely that we cannot expect instant results.  But I need to see progress.  OK, so the amendment doesn’t pass this year, but at least we voted on it, right?  We didn’t???  No one even proposed one????  Why didn’t it get voted on in the US House this year????  Wait, it’s been 30 years since they tried????????? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_Life_Amendment

I have no significant problem with the other positions of the Republican Party.  Sure, I disagree in minor ways on some things, but I generally agree with most of it.  I consider myself to be a fiscal conservative as well as a CHRISTIAN Conservative.  Republicans are in control of the US House of Representatives and we didn’t even get a Human Life Amendment PROPOSED!

And so, I have to say, that I have completely run out of patience.  As my title says: WHEN DO I GET MINE?

If the Republican Party wants my vote any more, they are going to need to start giving me something – once in awhile.  I’ve been used and abused over and over and over and over again and I am completely and totally fed up with it.  We need to summarily kick the RINOs out of the party RIGHT NOW!!  Mitch McConnell doesn’t belong on the Republican primary ballot in KY.  John McCain needs to be placed in a mental institution!  Karl Rove needs to be hung for treason.  And that’s just a start. Boehner, Cantor, Cornyn:  Kick them out, or I will join the LEGIONS of fellow disgusted conservatives that do not vote – EVER!!

This is where you are losing it Republicans.  YOU (YES YOU!!!) are creating a huge class of disillusioned conservatives and that is killing your party.  There are so, soooooooooo many people that have gone before me and there are still a lot that are only now – like me – getting to this point.  The very base of your party is leaving you and you cannot hope to replace us fast enough.  For every new convert, you are losing at least two of us to apathy and despair.


Thanks for reading.