Family Trouble

In my family I am alone. They are all in for Obama and Obamacare. My brother, my three sisters and both of my parents are all in for the dictator and his vapid dictums.  No matter what I say, they bloviate utterly stupid assertions and lies regarding Obumer’s viciously destructive policies. Well, they don’t think that they are lies. They tell me that they get their information from Rachel Maddow and from DailyKos. Personally I can’t stand to go to either place, so I don’t. Thank God for Redstate!!

So here’s my dilemma. I’ve been seeing more of my parents lately than I want. Through no fault of my own I have had a tough time finding work lately. Mom and Dad are about 80 and need some help around their house and since I need work they have been willing to pay me for helping them out from time-to-time. They are able to afford it, so I take the money they offer and do what needs to be done. That’s all well and good for them and for me, but there is a problem. Dad watches Rachel every night, and every time I see him he gets more and more irritating. He’s constantly got her latest lie down pat. I honestly try to refute the propaganda that she has shoveled into his head, but I can’t get anywhere.

For example: Just the other day he told me that Obamacare was now on track to be just a little shy of the original CBO projections by the time the March deadline for signing up for healthcare occurs, thus proving – he asserted – that Obamacare was going to succeed. We, of course, know this to be false. There is no way that such a flawed program could possibly attract that many people, and yet he claims that there is a website that proves it.  I pointed out to him that anyone could post anything they wanted on a website and claim that it was true and idiots like him would believe it.  Well, I didn’t call him an idiot to his face – he is my father after all.

I have never been one to just accept others the way they are. It grates on my very soul that he/they are so wrong and I feel compelled to try to do something about it. I would simply go away and never come back but Obama has the economy so screwed up that I can’t find decent work even though I am more than willing to work hard for anyone.

Certainly I am not the only person here with close relatives that are like this. What do others here do about situations like this?