Anti-Fracking 'Goons' Bully and Intimidate Opposing View

At a recent Boulder County Commission meeting, liberal environmental groups used “mob harassment, cursing and intimidation” in an attempt to silence opposition to their fringe view on job creation through energy exploration.

The Boulder Daily Camera describes the mob scene:

“The meeting was held to discuss proposed oil and gas regulations, including those that would govern the drilling technique known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. Its start was delayed for more than half an hour when protesters began chanting their opposition and demanding the commissioners resign if they refused to ban fracking.

“Commissioners Will Toor, Cindy Domenico and Deb Gardner left the hearing room while the demonstrations were under way, even as some protesters yelled after them.”

On top of harassment of sitting Boulder County Commissioners, the article goes on to describe even more hate directed towards the community relations representative of a local energy company:

“Other ‘troubling’ behavior cited by the board in its statement included jeering of Wendy Wiedenbeck, a Denver-based community relations adviser for Encana Oil and Gas USA, during her presentation at the meeting and the “mob harassment, cursing and intimidation” some protesters engaged in as they followed Wiedenbeck to her car later.”

In Sunday’s Denver Post, longtime columnist Vincent Carroll described the “mob harassment, cursing and intimidation” in more detail:

“‘I had asked someone with me to contact security officers to walk with us to the car just as a precaution,’ [Wendy Wiedenbeck] said, and as soon as the guards and two Encana employees, both women, left the building they were ‘bombarded with individuals screaming and video cameras in our face. It was a level of name-calling [‘killers,’ for example] and intimidation I’ve never experienced before.'”

On top of that, the progressive mob of protestors continued to threaten Wiedenbeck in the parking lot:

“When they reached her companion’s car, Wiedenbeck hopped in, too, ‘because I was concerned if we split that one of us would be in physical danger.’ Yet the ordeal continued. When they stopped the car after a short distance to collect their wits, an SUV pulled ‘just ahead of our car and essentially blocked us in’ while a foe of hydraulic fracturing ran up behind them. After their car backed up to avoid the SUV, the screaming thug began to pound on their vehicle.”

These actions come from the very same political movement that bemoans Republicans’ “unwillingness to compromise” and claims to desire “post-partisan” politics.

It appears their real goal is not civil, principled compromise, but sheer capitulation through intimidation.