Obama's character? Actions speak louder than words.

Who is Barack Obama? We read in the Bible: “by their fruits ye shall know them” (Matt. 7:20). It really does not matter what Barack says, because that may not be the truth. What Barack has done is important, because actions do not lie.
When paying respect to our country and the American flag, does Barack place his hand over his heart? You would expect a prominent figure in the national spotlight to do so, but Barack does not always do so. Actions do not lie; Barack does not have his country at heart. It does not matter what he says; his actions tell the truth. Barack is a smooth talker saying, “sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t.” Well, let’s start putting the clues together.
Barack chose to listen to and learn from a spiritual leader/advisor, Jeremiah Wright, who has preached anti-American rhetoric. Barack has a friend, Bill Ayers, who as late as 2003 stated that he did not do enough when he performed terrorist acts against our country (bombing targets such as the Pentagon and the Capital and escapes punishment when the case was dropped due to inadmissible wire taps). Barack can say whatever he wants; but he worked with the guy, and when it came time to run for office, Bill Ayers hosted the event in his own home. Bill Ayers wants change. Bill Ayers hates our country; His actions tell us so. So do the Islamic extremists by the way. Barack’s own wife seems to be indoctrinated the same way saying she was not proud of our country until recently when her husband was doing well in the race for president. The clues are there and they stand out.
Barack had a relationship with the dishonest group called ACORN. Again, his actions speak volumes. He represented them as a legal expert, and he taught them. This group does everything it can to bypass the laws of our country and used the laws to threaten banks with racial discrimination lawsuits if they did not give loans to the unqualified.
Actions do not lie, the Bible tells us so. Barack can tell us whatever he wants, but his actions tell us what is really in his heart and who he really is. The truth is: he is dangerous to our country. Let’s elect someone who will put our country first by his actions and not just sit back and watch when the financial crisis fell on us. John McCain suspended (took action) his campaign and went to Washington to work on the problem and gather support for relief. Barack did nothing. John proposes help for the homeowners. Barack has not proposed any new action. He sits back and watches–waits for someone else to say or do something and tells us this kind of inaction is “presidential,” while criticizing John’s purposeful action as “erratic.” Again actions speak louder than words. Who has our country at heart? Who has stated he will put our country first and then acted upon that principle? JOHN McCAIN has!