My Israel

When I was a young boy, I went to Yeshiva. Yeshiva is like Catholic school, but for Jews. Though my English education suffered, I really did not mind spending six hours each day praying, studying, or debating the Torah. It was boring sometimes, but people can become accustomed to almost anything. I was taught about Zion, which sounds a lot cooler in Hebrew. I learned of its history, its natural borders, and its fate.

See, we Jews are a rebellious lot, and when Emperor after Emperor took away various religious freedoms, we rebelled. A lot. Eventually, they burned down our already-once-rebuilt temple, and we had a Diaspora. Some of those Jews went to what would eventually become the Soviet Union, and now I’m blogging on RedState, so there you go.

I was taught that Israel had always been ruled by wise kings, that justice was given to all. When I first learned that we were rebuilding and recolonizing Israel, I was excited. “Maybe we can build a third Temple,” I thought. The first time I befriended a Palestinian, I discovered that some people really do see Jews as baby-killing greed-horned monsters, and that these people have a litany of reasons to think so.

It is a shocking thing to discover that part of who you are is monstrous. Living with it is frighteningly easy; one simply ignores that realities on the ground and keeps busy at the work of life. We do kill babies, children, mothers, daughters. We also kill criminals, terrorists, pedophiles, gunrunners, and enslavers. We drop bombs, and bombs are messy. That is the natural reality of warfare, and this brings me to the point of this whole thing.

If you are willing to slaughter countless thousands for the sake of my biblical homeland, then that is something you must bear. I am unwilling, and would gladly give the Palestinians a better deal in a two-state solution to avoid unnecessary bloodshed. They are willing to kill and die, and I am not quite there. Therefore, they can have some extra land. They have successfully extorted me.

We need to take this card out of the hands of the Iranian leadership. They hide behind the prestige of the Palestinian cause, and it blinds the people of Iran to the lunacy of their leadership. We (Israel, America, Europe, the West, McCain’s League of Democracies, the good guys) have serious enemies to fight, and that these enemies use the Palestinian cause as a massive propaganda tool is our fault. We need to rid our enemies of their illusory high ground, and then we can break them.

Again, to solve the Palestinian crisis, I am willing to give up excess land to avoid bloodshed. Others are not. This election, the nation voted for the guy who agrees with my position. Now, we will attempt to fix this crisis my way (unless Obama screws up my plans for my Zion) and we will await results. If he solves it, then we all win. If he fails because Israel snaps at the slightest provocation, then I will have many family arguments.

If, however, he fails because Hamas and Iran can’t keep their **** together, then, when another vote comes, I may decide that being nice simply does not work. Then, we may all have to decide that overwhelming force is necessary, and live with those consequences. My Israel bends over backwards to avoid killing countless thousands, and I will settle for no less. Its back has stiffened of late, and this is my plea.

Have mercy on the Palestinians. They are bullied by the very people who claim to protect them, and see death in all things. Stop building settlements, stop using advanced weaponry, and remember the lessons of Yeshiva. Zion is a land of justice, and sometimes justice must withhold punishment for a change in behavior to be possible.

And remember, once Palestine is a country, it will have different responsibilities, and Hamas will lose much of its Iranian support, as the loss of the Palestinian issue will drain the Iranian leadership of any remaining stature. Then we just wait for the people to overthrow their own government. Alternatively, Iran builds a nuclear weapon, and Israel wipes it out.

Iran has a crappy future. Fundamentalist dictatorship fail.

For both Jews and Palestinians, the Levant is a place of hope and safety from the harshness of the world. If they could share it peacefully, then we could finally focus on Wahhabi Islam and its riotous spread through the world, and face what I like to call “The Final Boss.” If our effort is genuine, if we do our absolute best to correct the original sin of the current situation, then it truly will be on their heads if peace falls through. Iran and Hamas need to know that this is their final chance, and if they can’t make peace with Barack Hussein Obama, they really won’t like the next guy.