Dear GOP Establishment: Nominate Rubio at Your Own Risk

It’s looking more and more like the Establishment is rallying behind Marco Rubio.

And so I have an important message for my fellow Republicans: Nominate Rubio at your own risk. If the choice in the general election comes down to Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio, this swing-state voting Republican will bite the bullet and campaign for Hillary.

That may sound like sacrilege, but I would rather the party spend four years obstructing President Clinton, pray that none of the conservative justices on the Supreme Court retire during that time, and try again in 2020 than be saddled with Rubio for eight years.

On the issues that matter most — those that cannot be undone, that affect our nation’s continued existence — Rubio and Hillary are substantively identical. The largest noticeable feature that distinguishes Marco Rubio’s foreign policy from that of Hillary Clinton is his willingness to use the term “radical Islamic terror” and his desire for nation-building. As silly as it may be for Obama, Clinton, and Sanders to avoid the phrase, Rubio’s promises that he would have chanted “radical Islamic terror” when we toppled the government in Libya wouldn’t have changed the outcome.

If the choices are having a Republican, whose fellow party members in Congress would be put in the awkward position of mellowing their criticism of his missteps, engage in foreign policy malpractice of the worst kind or having a Democrat, who congressional Republicans could comfortably challenge, do the same, I don’t think there’s much question which option is better for our country.

But the horrors of a Rubio administration go beyond inevitable foreign policy blunders. Even his distaste for our system of checks and balances that made his experience trying to accomplish goals in the Senate too frustrating, strongly suggesting he’d share Obama’s tendency to use executive action to forward his agenda any time Congress rejected him, isn’t a deal-breaker on it’s own. It’s his unique combination of deceitfulness and pigheadedness on immigration that make him a candidate that this country cannot afford to elect.

If Rubio becomes president, our nation will enter a new chapter of its existence. We will begin a period, perhaps a permanent one, of managed decline.

A President Rubio would work quickly with Speaker Ryan on some kabuki theater border security, almost immediately declaring the problem solved, and before the end of his first term, the two globalists would successfully grant amnesty to the millions of illegal aliens already in our country and drastically increase the number of skilled and unskilled immigrants our nation accepts each year.

At that point, it’s Game Over.

Never mind the disastrous wage suppression they’d cause for already-struggling Americans, or the high youth unemployment, particularly among minorities in urban areas, that would continue to plague our nation. Awful as those inevitable outcomes of a Rubio immigration plan might be, the real disaster comes later, at the ballot box. America’s foreign-born population is already at near-record highs. Assimilation takes time, and the higher the proportion of foreign-born residents, the more difficult it becomes to assimilate. Even after a generation in our nation, the children of those born in foreign countries vote overwhelmingly Democrat. The flood of additional immigrant voters Rubio would bring will have apocalyptic results for the Republican Party.

At least with Hillary, there’s a chance the conservative base can force the Establishment to hold off on any new Koch-approved immigration “reform” until after the 2020 presidential election.

Even with the other Establishment candidates — Rubio’s fellow supporters of amnesty and mass immigration — there is some hope. Jeb, Christie, and Kasich have the decency to be honest about their stances, and have demonstrated a desire to find a solution that the American people can live with, or at least swallow.

Rubio, on the other hand, has lied. Everything about Rubio on immigration — particularly his sudden switch to supporting a border fence and insistence on border security first — is deceitful.

Rubio claims he’s seen the light on immigration. Sort of. He hasn’t accepted that the American people don’t want mass immigration and amnesty. But in the time since his Gang of Eight amnesty racket, he’s learned about ISIS! Apparently unaware that the porous border has long been a troubling security threat, he now realizes that terrorists might sneak in through Mexico, so we need better border security.

Either Rubio is absolutely incompetent, which should disqualify him as a presidential contender, or he’s lying now, just like he did when he ran for the Senate promising amnesty was off the table. And anyone who believes Rubio’s alleged change of heart is either adorably (but dangerously) naïve or deceiving himself.

If Jeb, Christie, or Kasich is the nominee, I might be able to convince myself that, despite their wrongheadedness on immigration, their honesty and forthrightness on the issue would give the American people a better opportunity to pressure their representatives in Congress to at least soften any deal on immigration and blunt the negative effects on our nation. And if that’s the case, I could support them over Hillary.

I hope the day doesn’t come when I have to join a “Republicans for Hillary” campaign effort. But that’s the only option I’d have if Rubio is our nominee.

Your move, Establishment.