Eliminate the RINOs

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Due to the appalling action of 8 Republicans an attack on freedom and free enterprise was approved by the US House of Representatives on Friday, June 26, 2009. Climate Change Bill HR 2454. RINOS Bono Mack; Castle, Kirk, Lance, LoBiondo, McHugh, Reichert, Smith(NJ)

I think a serious effort should be started to bring the conservative voices back to the dominance in the Republican Party.  The reason you have a party is because you cannot pass bills alone.  Like minded people run under a party label to identify what they stand for and against.

Now you could excuse a member for voting against their party on a single issue in most cases …..but not in the case of the Climate Change Bill.

The reason this cannot be excused is that it does not matter what your view on the environment is with this PIG that was pushed through with 8 RINO votes.

This Bill had one overriding issue FREDOM. This is the single biggest power grab by the US government since the Great Society.

What philosophy allows a true Republican to vote for this much government? This bill is not liberal it is RADICALLY SOCIALIST.

Listen to the words of Republican from Ohio John Boehner “this bill [climate change bill] is about freedom ….do we want the Sectary in Washington telling local governments what [housing ] regulation they must enforce……not only enforcing California standards but additional standards…..do we want the federal government forcing homeowners to have their house apprised based on their energy efficiency”.

You will need to change your house to sell it and you will need to have US government approved landscaping, appliances ….on and on it goes.

The eight Republicans that voted for this bill should be voted out. We need Republicans tat we can count on. If you join the team you should be on the team and if you cannot sing the fight song don’t join the team. The Republican fight song is freedom and less government …including less spending and taxes.

Someone put together a group to get true conservatives to run against these 8 RINOS and we will help support their campaigns.  Maybe we should rename the Republican Party to the Reagan Republican Party.  Some people want GOP to be rebranded anyway.   I say go head and rebrand the party that won 49 states.  Regan Republicans sounds great to me.