Marco Rubio's speech in Tampa

I live in Tampa, FL and have been following the Marco Rubio campaign since it first began. Last night, my wife and I had the opportunity to see Rubio speak. I was already a huge fan. But my wife, not being that much into politics, didn’t really know that much about him. We spoke to him briefly before his speech. He was just as I imagined he would be: polite, witty, charming and engaging. Of course, his speech brought the house down (despite the fact he had to cut it a little short due to travel issues). My wife instantly took to him and is now a huge supporter of his as well. We have already set up a monthly donation to his campaign. I would encourage all Florida conservatives to do the same.

Rubio walks the walk. He’s the real deal. He tells us he’s a Reaganite without even having to invoke Reagan’s name. And I would pit him against any Democrat (or Republican for that matter) in a debate. He knows the issues, knows where he stands on the issues and the reasons why. He is unflinching in his conservative principals. He doesn’t pull any punches. He is in this race to win it. Not just for himself of course, but for Florida and America. He needs all the help and money he can get.

Again, I strongly encourage everyone to donate to his campaign. $5, $10, whatever, just donate something. Better yet, set up a monthly donation. $5 a month would be fine. I spend more than that on soda in one week.

Marco Rubio will be there for us if he’s in the Senate. Now, we need to be there for him.