WANTED: Conservative publication to compete with NEWSWEEK

This is an open letter in search of feedback for a conservative media publication that can compete on the same level as NEWSWEEK. The subject audience is an individual with a conservative background and core values, but who has managed to distort their world view by a very impoverished selection of media outlets. Current news sources include: CNN, Newsweek, the Daily Herald (a local newspaper), the BBC, and various Dutch news media (subject is an immigrant from the Netherlands).

Criteria for an ideal publication are found below, with the price of a subscription being no object:

  • Ease of reading: Relatively brief articles written at the level of comprehension found in newspapers and Time, NEWSWEEK, et al
  • Pictures: Loaded with vivid, glossy photographs, with succinct but engaging captions
  • Diagrams: A picture says 1,000 words, but a graph can convey an argument at a glance, and without the use of logic
  • Publication must be on a monthly, or bi-monthly, basis
  • Conservatism must be argued – not beltway Republicanism – as this needs to reach the heart and mind of readers to effectively counter liberalism’s insipidness
  • Number of articles – A “single-subject” magazine will not suffice. Magazine must touch on every aspect of the conservative spectrum – though only a handful of topics per issue

If anyone knows of such a magazine, I would greatly appreciate your comments.

Rags that have been eliminated from consideration include:

  • Wall Street Journal, The Weekly Standard, Townhall Magazine

Thank you for any suggestions! I’m sure innumerable others are faced with similar perdicaments with special people in their lives.