Conservatives Only Have Ourselves to Blame

We know Republican Leadership often pushes leftward. We must count on this and push rightward, in every fight, to push the debate back in the right direction. Conservatives failed to do so in this latest spending fight, trusting “Leadership” would maintain the sequester, and you can surely guess what happened—they went to the left with higher spending levels this year and next.

If this were a college class it would be Strategy 101 and conservatives would have flunked out.

Complaining about the situation is therapeutic for a short period of time yet doesn’t do us much good to bring about change in the future. So what do we do?

Strategy 101 says push rightward, so why not something like asking Washington to spend just One Dollar Less next year then they’re spending this year?

Out survey research has found that 80% of the American people support One Dollar Less! And One Dollar Less would have a huge impact—lowering spending levels by $150 billion, in a single year.

Whether One Dollar Less or another solution, the question remains whether conservatives will push rightward or will we continue to trust “Leadership” who just sided with the 4% of the public that wants Washington to spend more?