What Nurses Can Teach Republicans

Last week my bride Kate was in excruciating pain, for hours on end. I wanted to be strong for her and struggled to, at times longing to escape—it was so unbearable to watch her in such pain. Her nurse was much stronger.

Unlike me, she had no obligation to be there the entire time of this struggle. Nevertheless, she chose to, calmly and patiently tried one thing after another to try to relieve Kate’s neck pain. Eventually the nurturing nurse found the answer. Yet, while reflecting on Kate’s 29 hour labor and delivery of our first child a day later, this was far less important to us than something else she gave us—her love.

Our nurse felt like a family member to us, like a grandmother by our side, despite being a complete stranger only several hours earlier. At one point we warmly embraced in the hospital hallway.

Do you think the American people believe Republicans love them as loving nurses do?

If public did, most of Republicans’ problems would evaporate. How do we know this?

Our nurse’s love attracted us to her, so much so that we want to be with her and deliver our second child at her hospital. A more commonplace example is a friend or mentor whose love makes you just want to be with them, more than their schedule allows because they are a light to so many.

The same goes for Republicans—If they were thought of as equally loving as nurses, friends, and mentors, people would want to be with them, this includes for public policy fights and elections. The specific circumstances of the legislative or electoral battle would matter less.

Pope Francis provides us another profound example of this basic truth. He was recently asked what the Catholic Church is all about and his one-word reply of “love” is one of the most simple and yet beautiful responses I’ve heard to any question ever asked.  Even more impactful to people across the world than his words of love have been his loving actions—physically embracing lepers, disabled children, washing the feet of the imprisoned, and hosting the homeless to the Vatican for dinner.

People want to be with a man of such boundless love, a degree of love we all long for. And the proof is in the pudding; attendance in the Church he leads has spiked across Europe since his papacy. The 22 Catholic cathedrals in England and Wales have found a 21 increase in mass attendance, in Spain there has been a 12-13 increase, and in Italy 51% of priests report an increase.

Nurses, Pope Francis and The Beatles have it right, at the end of the day all you need is love. To love and to be loved. It’s what we all want at in the deepest depths of our being—a desire Republicans should seek to fulfill for all of humanity. Although not the ultimate purpose, a journey of love will be rewarded with an enormous company who seek to stand with those who have loved them.

Some might think a journey of love is not the answer as Democrats have the benefit of handing out taxpayer-funded goodies that are treated as love as by their recipients. People might like this government support in the short term, but they surely do not feel loved, there is no person directly loving them, it is a faceless computer in Washington, DC taking money from one person and giving it to another.

This statist approach will never be able to get anywhere close to real love between people giving of themselves to each other—something Republicans can vigorously offer.

And don’t forget that the Democratic leaders of today and tomorrow aren’t storied lovers, some kind of lions and lioness of love for which binds the public to them in an irreversible relationship. Yet don’t get too excited about this, there are only a few Republican leaders who seem genuinely loving to me; I would count among the few Senator Marco Rubio and Congressman Jim Jordan.

Getting down to practicable points, how do we get more Republicans who are as loving as nurses?

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but it can be done through a sincere commitment to God and laboring to serve as an instrument of his love to all his children. A second path that may bear more fruit into the future is seeking people who don’t wish to run at all and are only—and truly–forced to by their community to do so out of service to something bigger than themselves—their love for their fellow man.

Alex Cortes is the Executive Director of Let Freedom Ring, a conservative public policy organization.