Congress is Three Times More Popular than Something Else?

Shocking, yet true—Congress is three times more popular than something else: Washington spending more this year, which is pretty darn unpopular. 
My organization Let Freedom Ring’s August poll with The Tarrance Group found that only 4% support Washington spending more this year and the latest ABC/Washington Post poll found a 12% approval rating for Congress; translating to Congress being three times more popular. 
Not shocking, yet also true—the unpopular Congress has decided to go with the even more unpopular proposition of spending more, to the tune of $147 billion more!
Few are aware of this reality coming out of a government funding fight that mostly focused on ObamaCare. Spending levels, which reflect the total size of government, deserve greater attention. 

A simple and powerful spending solution that Washington should look to, and that our poll found extraordinary support for, is Congress being forced to spend just One Dollar Less this year than they spent last year. 80% support One Dollar Less, with a strong 63% supporting spending reductions greater One Dollar Less. 

Will Washington listen to the 80% or continue to listen to the 4% who want to spend more? If they don’t listen to the 80%, they may risk their 12% popularity falling even closer to the 4%. 

If you’re looking for a good laugh, check out this humorous video of Congressmen being asked if they’ll spend just One Dollar Less.