GOP "Leadership": Today Isn't The Day We Stop Stealing From Our Children

Last week 41 conservative leaders called for making “Today the Day We Stop Stealing From Our Children” by demanding that any debt ceiling increase that steals more from our children also include fiscal reforms that put us on a path to balance to the budget in 10 years–guaranteeing the end of an immoral era of theft. The next day House GOP “leadership” announced that they’re not quite ready to stop stealing from our children.

They announced that they would allow the debt ceiling to increase for three months of new debt stolen from our children in exchange for, well, nothing. Nothing besides delaying the pay of Senators if the Senate doesn’t produce a budget, and if they do of course it would be one that the House would never agree to and thus achieves nothing in terms of policy.

The House GOP “Leadership’s” primary rationale for their plan is that they believe allowing the debt ceiling to increase for three months sets them up better strategically for spending fights first over the sequester that takes effect on March 1, then the continuing resolution on March 27th, and back to the debt ceiling on May 19th. This rationale is debatable, but there’s a more pertinent question to consider: Are they willing to fight on any of these battles, no matter the order?

Daniel Horowitz wrote that there have been 7 spending and debt battles that the current House GOP “leadership” has failed to fight on. Why should we expect any of these next 3 to be any different, especially after they’ve just told Obama they can be had for nothing in return?

We shouldn’t. And the immoral era of stealing from our children is set to continue.