Desperate Obamabots Spamming in the Name of God

I received this e-mail today on a work e-mail address that is completely inappropriate for this type of message. Most of the other recipients were also targetted at their work address.

Desperation is the key here:

From: Lawrence [name withheld for mercy reasons]
To: [a bunch of State Farm people]
Sent: Fri, Aug 14, 2009 8:24 am

(name withheld) State Farm Agent

Providing Insurance & Financial Services
Bus [yes, he was dumb enough to put his real work phone #]
Fax [same thing]
Email: [yup, he included that too]
Website: [ his work website, I’ll spare him the flak]

When you want to see a difference, be the difference. It’s scary, but worth it!! ME

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi
If you have not noticed…..NO President has ever worked this hard for our country. Many wonder, does he ever sleep?? Only God can sustained such energy, knowledge, and person.
Will you please join in this prayer…
We pray for optimum health, mental clarity and political
prosperity for President Barack Obama.  We pray that
what he lacks in political ‘experience’ you make up for
with supernatural wisdom and power.
We also pray that when his enemies come upon him they
will stumble and fall; and that your love will fill his heart
to the end that ‘Your will’ be done through him.
We pray mightily for his protection.  As we plead the Blood
of your son, Jesus, over him and his family. We reverently
ask you to dispatch legions of angels to protect them from
all hurt, harm, danger as he serves as the President of the
United States of America .
We thank you and praise you for answering our sincere prayers,
  In Jesus’ Precious Name, AMEN
 All you are asked to do is keep this circulating if you are so inclined.. May God bless and keep you… 
 Let’s continue to pray and keep this going!

Somehow I get the feeling that  Lawrence was not saying any prayers for President Bush last year. Anyway, this should give people a perspective as to what kind of fanatics we are dealing with here from the Obama side.