The real meaning of the first pitch: It's all about me!

Barack Obama threw the first pitch in yesterday’s (7/14/09) All-Star game. The blogosphere is abuzz today with the fact that Obama pretty much thows like a girl and how badly he fares against President Bush’s legendary first pitch in the 2001 World Series.

But the real telling aspect of those two first pitches has not been told yet. First, to the highlights so to speak for those who may have not seen it.

Here is Obama in Fox Sports (what was the live feed), but you really need to go to the MLB website to see the center field angle (at 24 sec)

And here is a nice short pice of Bush’s 2001 first pitch.

A couple of things most people have noticed in Obama’s pitch. First, Pujols sets himself over home plate and has to scoop the ball, meaning the ball would have bounced otherwise. Second, Fox Sports never shows live the center field angle (and not even the catcher in the live feed) as they clearly have been told to avoid embarrassing the president.

But this is the real telling item of these two events.

Anyone who has been associated with sports, especially having played at momentous games (at any level) knows that one of the most precious items of a great game is the game ball. It is a priceless memento that you know you will cherish forever.

Look at what happens to the baseball after the respective first pitches. Bush immediately gets it back. Obama could not care less about it. It was a great moment for Bush. it wasn’t for Obama; for him it was all about him looking good, that was accomplished (thank’s to the media handling), and that is all that he cares about it.

This is why Bush presidency was about principles and Obama’w white house stay is just about image and ideology.