OBAMACARE: The Best Deal Trump Didn’t Make


There is an adage in business that “sometimes the best deal is the one you didn’t make.” The latest failure to repeal and replace Obamacare is such a deal for President Trump.

Had the hastily assembled legislation passed the Senate, the President risked being sucked into the agonizing process of a reconciliation in which he would be facing an ideologically incompatible but nevertheless united front of opposition. Trump, who has already spent enormous effort, time and political capital, would have had to spend even more on an uncertain outcome.

But what is certain is that the country, at least for now, has avoided a looming social turmoil that was about to emanate from the corrupt ideology of the contemporary Democratic Party.
Richard Nixon, referring to John F. Kennedy, aptly summarized past philosophical differences as “We agreed on our goals but we disagreed on the means.” But today’s Democratic Party does not offer a different philosophy for achieving the same goals; for years it has had a different philosophy and different objectives entirely. The ideological paradigm of today’s Democrats is Obama’s neo-Marxist version of socialism, the driving force of which is bondage: “The hand that feeds you controls you.”

Although at this historical juncture the Democratic Party has developed immense socialist programs and millions of Americans have made the moral lapse from self-reliance to government dependence, the Democrats realize that without addicting a middle-class majority to government subsidies they cannot fulfill their aspiration of putting the harness of socialism around the necks of the American people. The so-called Universal Health Care Act is central to ushering in a socialist welfare state.

Therefore, the fight over the future of Obamacare is not about medical care; it is another chapter in the epic struggle between socialism and capitalism—between government dependence and self-reliance, individual liberty and freedom. It is a contest over America’s future.

Against the backdrop of this irreconcilable ideological demarcation, no deal is negotiable and no compromise is possible. The Republicans’ efforts to dismantle socialist programs needs to be paired with the recognition that every ism—communism, socialism, fascism, Obama-ism, etc.—has its supporters and benefactors. Thus, it does not matter that the so-called Universal Health Care Act, officially the Affordable Care Act, is neither affordable for the millions who have to pay for it, nor universal, nor healthy. The millions, who are on the receiving end of Obamacare, have every reason to think they are better off with socialism. They are motivated by different values. And they vote.

As George Orwell observed, “The choice for mankind lies between freedom and happiness and for the great bulk of mankind, happiness is better.”

The Democrats regard Obamacare as the linchpin of American socialism, and they will defend it with fire and fury. Shell-shocked by what Bill O’Reilly called “the greatest political upset the planet has ever seen,” and unable to offer a superior alternative, their only strategy against Trump’s proclivities is the vitriol of a loser: “Resist.” They are no longer acting as a political party—they are a socialist cause. And a cause leads to intolerance and intolerance leads to violence. At some point the President’s futile attempts to repeal Obamacare against an implacable opposition may spiral into a potentially frantic scenario.

To be sure, the Democrats will rally those on the left—liberals, “social justice warriors,” a few remaining communists, and all of those troubled souls who passionately hate this world and do not know why, along with Hollywood progressives who are willing to set this country ablaze to fulfill the heady gospel of Marxism—to unleash their anger, creating riots accompanied by vandalism and confrontations with police on a scale not seen in decades.

The upheaval will be aimed to create a militant movement leading to the President’s impeachment. As mass staged protests grow in number and calls for the President’s impeachment become louder, there is a distinct possibility that Paul Ryan may not resist the temptation to fulfill his dream of becoming vice president, and the Republican Party establishment, which cannot forgive Trump for their victory, would be very comfortable with a President Pence.

To make sure that this frantic scenario does not become a reality, the President should study the historical experience that socialism cannot be repealed and cannot be replaced—it self-destructs. And while it self-destructs, to paraphrase Napoleon, never interfere with socialism while it is in the process of destroying itself.
As I described in my latest book, “Liberal Bolshevism,” the socialists’ war to end laissez-faire involves a comprehensive multifaceted strategy, the elements of which are fundamentally interrelated and interdependent. By reducing regulations, lowering taxes, chipping off unpopular provisions of Obamacare, and eliminating other programs that constitute Obama’s “fundamental change,” the President will facilitate the demise of Obamacare incrementally and less confrontationally, not abruptly but surely. This strategy will greatly ease his presidency and bid time to allow the Republicans to adequately assess the alternatives and translate ideas into operating policies. The imperative to implement the market-based health-care plan should override the demands for ideological purity.

“Let Obamacare fail, and start over from that point,” as Trump has suggested, is not a backup strategy—it is the winning strategy.

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