Obamacare: The Obvious over the Important


 This article is the first in a series of excerpts from my new book, Cry from the Heart, due in January 2014.

If anyone is still looking for proof of the perils of socialism, they need look no further than the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. Just as with any other socialist creation, Obamacare is based on tyranny: government forcing the consumer to either do what government has defined as “the right thing” or face the consequences of state enforcement power. Governments’ justification for enforcement has always been that “the right thing” serves the common good and, therefore, the consumer’s freedom of choice and the grievances of the minority can be discounted. Prominent Russian-born American writer and philosopher Ayn Rand exposed the folly of this liberal argument when she wrote,

           “America’s abundance was created not by public sacrifices to the common good, but by the productive genius of  free       men who pursued their own personal interests….”

The philosophy of doing “the right thing” at the expense of individual rights is not new; it has been tried innumerable times before, always with horrible consequences. This time is no different. The product was well sold. The president wrapped his stinking merchandise up in an overabundance of promises so the public would not detect the socialist smell inside. It passed the legislature and was validated by the Supreme Court, to become the Law of the Land. Now, when it is unwrapped and Americans finally smell the decaying odor of socialism, they cry that they have been lied to.

Has the president lied? Yes, he has. But suffice it to say that anyone with a brain larger than a Neanderthal’s should understand that extending health care to an additional thirty million people, including illegal immigrants, and expecting that nobody would have to pay for it could not possibly be true. People chose to believe the president’s socialist nonsense. The voting herd of Democrats blindly followed the president, the liberal media were elated about universal health care, unions supported the legislation because they thought it would not affect them, insurance companies had been promised an additional thirty million policyholders and subsequent windfalls, and individuals were told that “if you like your insurance, you can keep it” and those who did not have insurance would get it for free or almost free.

We can all agree that the existing health care system is a disgrace. Critics point out the high cost, lack of transferability in case of an employer-provided option, pre-existing conditions that cause people to lose insurance when they lose employment or change jobs, and the millions of people who don’t have access to health care, among many other issues. But the president is not interested in solving the problem. Obamacare has nothing to do with health and everything to do with government control. Universal health care is the cornerstone of the president’s agenda of putting the harness of socialism around the necks of the American people. In this sense Obamacare is an accomplishment of historic significance.

Notwithstanding the criticism and militant opposition by Republicans, Phase I, called “CHANGE,” of Obama’s Grand Plan to transform the USA into the USSA, the United Socialist States of America, was successfully completed by the 2012 elections. It was accomplished via increased spending, enactment of the Affordable Care Act and the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, increased government dependence, and tons of environmental and financial regulations.

Phase II, called “FORWARD,” has begun with the rollout of the Affordable Care Act and the raising of the debt ceiling to ensure continued spending. The impact of the unsuccessful launch of Obama Care on Phase II should not be exaggerated. Although it seems like a public relations disaster, unless adequately addressed by the Republicans as part of Obama’s Grand Plan, it may damage Obama’s credibility and delay some of the president’s legislation, but in the end will have no material impact on the Grand Plan. The president is confident that people will get used to the high cost of health care, just as they got used to $4-a-gallon gasoline.

Opponents loudly criticize the deception, numerous deficiencies of the legislation and its implementation, emphasizing the obvious over the important. The important is that the money has already been spent and the existing health care structure, if not destroyed, will be irreparably damaged. Obama will “not let a crisis go to waste” (as his former chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, once stated) and more money will be spent on “getting things right.” Despite the president’s meaningless apologies to Americans who are losing health insurance plans and his promises to fix the legislation, people who have gotten government-subsidized insurance will not be deprived of it. Young people will not sign up for government health care in the numbers necessary to make up for the subsidized policies of sick and previously uninsured people. The Law of the Land will not be repealed. As a result the deficit will rise even further, bringing all of us ever closer to financial insolvency and leading to destruction of the U.S. currency and, ultimately, implementation of the president’s socialist dream.

Furthermore, if Obama succeeds in passing his version of immigration reform and millions of illegal immigrants acquire citizenship and the right to vote, socialism will advance and eventually devour our liberty. Apart from unexpected serious political problems, the president’s Grand Socialist Plan is progressing satisfactorily so far.

Americans inhabit a new world, but they seem to be oblivious to what is in store.


About the Author:

 Alexander G. Markovsky is a Russian émigré. He holds degrees in economics and political science from the University of Marxism-Leninism and an MS in structural engineering from Moscow University. He resides in Houston, Texas, with his wife and daughter, where he owns a company specializing in the management of large international projects.

His essays have appeared on RedState.com and WorldNetDaily.co