GOP leader Boehner sells out America's Job Creators


      So, you all know how the GOP proudly supports our Free Enterprise System, right? Think again, you are dead wrong.

    Boehner recently was reported as saying he would support letting the tax cuts expire for those making over 250K a year. Don’t you agree that when the in waiting GOP leader of the House says he is in lockstep with Obama on taxes that there is something just a little wrong with that?

    Not only does Boehner agree with Obama that our entreprenuers are the class enemy to be exterminated (aka communist style), but also it makes one wonder if the GOP is different from the Democrats on other issues as well. When will Boehner, for the sake of votes, agree that the unborn are expendable, that we should allow illegal immigration to run rampant, that the government should take over the economy.

    Besides, whatever happened with the no raise taxes pledge? Apparently Boehner didn’t sign it.

    So, I come before my fellow Redstaters to call Boehner’s office and demand he retract this statement. Throw down the gauntlet and force the Democrats to extend all the tax cuts, or allow all of them to expire. If they all expire, then it is clear that the Democrat Party’s wish to destroy the American Free Enterprise System is to blame.