Death Tax Back in 2011; GOP needs to vote for 2009 Death Tax provisions

The House voted to extend the 2009 death tax provisions, but the Senate has yet to do so. This was because the GOP wanted to get more. Now, we are faced with the Death Tax back at its 2001 levels, which is far worse. A campaign needs to begin immediately to get the GOP in the Senate to vote for the 2009 extension that the House passed. If the Death Tax reverts back to its 2001 rules, it will be much worse. The Democrats will have the revenue they want, and will have no reason to support anything more but tax increases beyond what the eye can see. By extending the 2009 rules, some tax relief will be granted, and the position of repeal will seem like less of a dramatic change.

Instead, by not acting, the Republicans in the Senate have given a huge political gift to the Democrats. The Democrats get the taxes from those work that they so desperately wanted, while people who work will rightly be outraged that the GOP screwed them over by not understanding what was going down.

Now is the time to contact Republican members of the Senate to support the House bill for extending the 2009 rules. They failed us in 2005 when they did not repeal the Death Tax. They damn well better not fail us again by allowing the rules to revert back to 2001 rules. If they do, then it would seem that Democrats are doing better by business owners and farmers than are the Republicans, which would truely be a sorry sight.