Filibuster gone if GOP doesn't get to 51 in the Senate

        I am aware that 2010 is a year for the GOP and the Conservative Movement to get back seats and repudiate Obama’s radical and immoral agenda. There are many competitive races in the senate and in the house, which could force the GOP and the the Conservative Movement to split their energy and resources.

      For the 2010 election cycle, I have a different and more radical proposition; focus only on the Senate. The House is irrelevant, basically. What is more likely, getting back over 40 seats in the House, or getting back 10 seats in the Senate? My odds are on the 10 in the Senate. That said, we need to focus all our energy on getting back the majority in the senate. That will be the only way to keep the filibuster (50 means VP Biden breaks the tie and eliminates the filibuster).

    Now I keep getting comments about how the Democrats are out of touch, etc. Lets get something straight now; The American people don’t F’ing know anything about how the senate or house works. The media tells them nothing (when it does, it always helps the Democrats and the Left). If the filibuster is lost, no one will know, and the Democrats will lose nothing, just like the GOP loses nothing by filibustering everything now. So, spare me about the Democrats facing public anger; thats total BS, and everyone knows it. The only way to save the country is through activists, money, and recruiting as strong candidates as possible. 

        That said, the choice has to be made; either retake the House, or the Senate, and keep things that way, defensively. If efforts are defocused, on both the Senate and House, the GOP loses. The Conservative Movement loses. America is finished. This not an amusing game that is dispassionate. The Right can either be preserved for several more generations, or crushed, like from 1929 through 1980. And thats not hyperbole, just the facts.

      So folks, its time to pick the poison, and see it through to the end, no matter what. Because 2010 is the last chance to save this country, and it can’t be left to chance, fate, or circumstance.