30 Democratic Votes for Reconciliation on HRC; at least 10 Democrats need to be against

       I was just reading the ultra-leftwing blog OpenLeft, and apparently 30 Democratic Senators are for Reconciliation, which allows just 51 votes to pass HRC. Since VP Biden can cast the tie breaking vote, that means that 10 Democrats need to be brought on to the GOP side. I don’t know how this can be done. Perhaps Nelson or Lincoln can be persuaded, as well as a few other Democrats who are vulnerable in the general election of 2010. I don’t know. But unless the GOP and Conservatives move quickly, than the dreaded HRC will come back from the dead, like a zombie.

      Its worse than that, though. 17 Democrats are for the public option, socialized medicine. Republicans need to find out who they are, and blitz them during the midterm. HRC needs to be defeated. The only way that can happen is if 10 Democrats are brought our way. They have to be, somehow, or we are in serious trouble.