Dick Durbin on board for eliminating minority rights

      I just finished reading another uber leftwing post at OpenLeft, and now it appears Dick Durbin, who may be the Democratic leader in the senate after the 2010 elections, is for eliminating the filibuster. More to the point, Democrats believe that they only need 51 votes (meaning 50 in the Senate, counting VP Biden’s vote). Current forecasts are that the GOP may have 47 seats in the Senate after the 2010 elections.

    So, the GOP needs to find at least 4 (if not more) members of the Democratic party in the senate who agree with keeping the filibuster, and somehow work with them. I know working with the Democrats is a large concession, but we need to keep some votes in favor of the filibuster, or then the Democrats will be able to do whatever they want, which would be really terrible.

     If there is a way procedurally to make it 67 votes, then the GOP has to make that so, somehow. Besides that, we all need to work to preserve the filibuster. This is the most important thing right now.