Axlerod says White House supports eliminating Senate minority rights

      I just finished reading the ultra leftwing blog OpenLeft, and one of its kingpins, Chris Bowers, said that he had gotten off a call with Axelrod, who said the White House supported eliminating the filibuster, and destroying the rights of the minority party in the Senate. It has long been clear that Obama’s rhetoric about decency in Washington was a bunch of BS, but this statement was a blatant as it gets.

     It may very well be true that it takes 67 votes to change Senate procedures. However, now the White House is going to begin a propaganda drive, aimed at decieving the American people into believing that the filibuster is a bad thing, instead of the only thing preserving the Republic. Although the GOP currently has enough votes to protect the filibuster, it is still not an assured thing. The White House is going to engage in a massive PR blitz, to get people to vote against the GOP for “Obstructionism”, or what normal people call preserving democracy.

    I hope that people keep it on their minds that the Senate’s ability to protect us is now constantly under threat by the Democrats attempts to usurp the power of the American people. As long as we are vigilant of the dasterdly games the Democrats are playing, we should prevail.