Harkin & Lieberman to eliminate filibuster

      Harkin has just announced that he is going to introduce a bill in the Senate between now and Feb. 13 (I believe) to eliminate the filibuster. He is making inaccurate statements about it, saying that oh, after every few days the number of senators needed is reduced, so it allows delaying action. Message to Harkin: the filibuster exists not to delay action, but to deter it, because our senators are the last line of protectors from the government’s tyranny.

     However, there is some good news. Apparently 67 votes are needed to change senate rules. So, its imperative that all 40 Republican Senators (until Scott Brown is seated, we’ll see how long the Democrats obstruct the will of the good people of Massachusetts) be prepared to show up to every senate meeting, be there whenever it is in use, so that whenever Harkin pushes his perverse legislation, it is met with a resounding no, and gets killed.

   Our Republican Senators are going to need to filibuster to save the filibuster. But hey, we never expected the Democrats to care about democratic ideals anyway. So, if people can pitch in, email and call our senators and tell them to be ready for Harkin to present this abomination of a piece of legislation, then things should run along fine, for now.