One of the hard core leftwing bloggers and a Democrat kingpin, Chris Bowers, just posted on the quasi socialist website OpenLeft about voting in the Senate to eliminate the filibuster. Currently, the Democrats need all 60 senators to vote to pass legislation. Without the filibuster, they would need only a bare majority (not even 51, since VP Biden could break a tie). This would be unfathomably detrimental to America’s interests and future, as well as to the Conservative cause. With the filibuster, the country can be protected from the more extreme and insanely leftist projects of the Democrat Party; without it, the United States of America will in a very short time become the United Socialist States of America. This can’t be allowed to happen.

       We need to start a campaign to ensure that all Republicans and at least a few less insane Democrats (Lincoln of AK, Nelson of NB, etc.) are prepared to filibuster any change in senate rules to end the use of the filibuster. This campaign needs to start soon, asap!!, since the senate will be back in session soon, in a week or so. I hope you all get involved. This is more important than anything else, including the Republicans making any gains in the senate and house! So please read this post, maul it over, and take action. America, quite literally, can’t afford our inaction on this issue.