Oppose Second Stimulus

          I regularly check on the leftwing blogs to see what they are attempting to cook up against us. I just read OpenLeft, a hardcore leftwing site (perhaps the most far left), and they are now going to be pushing for the use of 100-200 billion dollars from the TARP funds for jobs creation, a second stimulus. RedState and the rest of the conservative blogosphere has to get ready to fight and prevent a second stimulus from being passed.

          We all agree that the first stimulus bill was a failure, a squandering of taxpayer money so that the Dems could make payoffs to their base, like the corrupt machine politicians of old. Now, they want to do it again, and they need to be stopped.

         There are several reasons why this second stimulus needs to be fought and prevented if possible;

         1) Principle. The Congress gave the TARP money, squandering taxpayer funds without giving the people any reason to believe that it would be money well spent. Fighting a second stimulus bill would be a way to show that at least some people (conservatives) stand on principle, and that we cannot tolerate continued government waste.

         2) Political Opportunity. Using TARP funds for job creation is a desperate gambit the Dems will use to try to minimize their losses in 2010 and 2012. It may also boost Obama’s ratings. If the second bill does not pass, then unemployment will not be alleviated by as much as otherwise, and more importantly the American people will feel increasingly estranged from the Democrat Party.

       So, conservative opposition to a second stimulus bill needs to be created, and quickly. If it can be defeated, not only will taxpayer money be saved, but the Dems fortunes will fall even more. Standing on principle and gaining a political edge, what more could one want?