It's Not Our Fault

“You’re just trying to put this on us so it’s not your fault.”

Unintentionally, Rahm Emanuel just summed up the governing philosphy of the Obama Administration.

The quote is from Bob Woodwards new book on the current occupiers of the White House. Rahm is talking to Dennis Blair, then the national intelligence director, when Blair warns him about the need to do more to stop terrorists with American and European passports training in Pakistan. Rahms response (you’re trying to shift blame) is very telling, at least to me.

I wasn’t in the room, so I don’t know for sure, but it very much appears that the Obama administration is taking politics into consideration (and point in fact, it appears to be the prime consideration), when it comes to fighting the War on Terror. Was this not something Candidate Obama routinely chastised Republicans for?

But more than that, the “don’t put it on us” narrative that is emerging from ink stained scribes that cover the White House appears to be consistent with the reality we are all witnessing. From the War on Terror to stimulus to healthcare, the Obama administration has been consistent with its message: It’s not our fault.

On the failed stimulus, we are told first off that it did indeed work. In fact, we are told that it did indeed work, nah nah nah, and then the Obama mouthpiece puts his hands over his ears and says ‘I can’t hear you’. When we can get the petulant child to drop his hands, we are told candidly that the stimulus didn’t work because there wasn’t enough of it. There wasn’t enough of it not because of Obama, but because of Obama’s allies in congress. It’s not our fault.

The moment Obamacare passed, it was suppose to bring Obama’s polls number up again. The moment it passed, Obama passed the point of no return with much of the voting populace (you know, the ones who have jobs). Why didn’t he receive the political bounce he was expecting? Because, Obama mouthpiece will tell you, the congress again mucked things up by loading it with pet projects and special interest give-aways (which Obama happily cheered, mind you). Again, it isn’t our fault.

What makes this ‘it’s not our fault’ refrain so jarring to the ears is this: The Obama administration represented itself as adults. They were educated in the best schools, they hung out in the most influential salons, they read off the orthodox reading list. Competence was back, we were told. The best and most endearing ode to Obama’s competence came when he told the world he had the power to stop the rising tides of the ocean.

Stop the ocean rising? Well, he would have, but the Moon just wouldn’t co-operate and puts it’s interests behind those of the administration. It’s not our fault.