Short, fluff post on Sexism

Im breaking rules, and I apologize. I should have looked for an open thread.

Yesterday, the Canadian Womens Hockey team beat the American Womens Hockey team and won the gold medal. Hockey is a big deal up here, mens or womens, and particular, in Calgary, as most of the women train here. You dont diss the womens hockey in Canada, unless your looking for a fight.

The Canadian women, after they won, and after the stadium had emptied of people, and only the souless journalists remained, took to the ice with beers and cigars and took some pictures. The Americans had left the ice half on hour before. As I said, no paying customers were in the stadium. Journalists who didnt have enough brains to think up a story took pictures, and tried to make it into a scandal.

This is one of the most sexists displays I have ever seen. If someone tells you liberal Canada is more enlightened than America, counter with this story. The press establishment is playing up this non story for one reason: Repressed men couldnt handle seeing women on the ice acting like people. They would rather they acted like Stepford wives.

I know its sexism because a few days before this event, a Canadian male athlete who had won a medal was photographed with a jug of beer in his hand, and he was celebrated in the media as being a good ol’ Canadian.

The rank hypocrisy of the situation does not sit well with me. Its sexism, and thats it. Its not about setting a bad example for children, or being poor winners. Ill say it again, its about repressed males in the Canadian press uncomfortable with the fact that women are people and not stereotyped playthings.