On Palin

Obama campaigned on tax cuts. Thats our turf. Democrats win when they run as Republicans.

This suggestion that Palin hurt the ticket is then exposed for the misguided death whine of the liberal republican wing that it is.

The good thing for my cause, that is, the conservative, cause, is that we ran your moderate, and he lost. He lost Florida to a guy who went to a Jew haters church for 20 years. I mean, for real. He lost Florida to a guy who implied he may be friendly to Castro.

The sham of the move-to-the-centre-wing has been exposed to the harsh daylight of reality. Its amusing now watching those same people not accept the blame, or, in Frums case, even demanding we move more left. Funny, if people like Schmidt where good at spin, we may have won this election, even with McCain at the top of the ticket.

No, we did not lose because of Mrs Palin. We lost because we only decided to run as the Republican with 2 weeks left in the campaign. Having McCain go on TV and say he wanted to buy up every bad mortgage made him look like a democrat. Wanting to tax health insurance, regardless of his intentions, sounded very much like a democrats position.

It is unfortunate for Palin that she is now tied to the mess that was the McCain campaign. It is sad to see the woman, really one of the only reasons for the base of the party to get excited about McCains campaign, now blamed for his defeat. That McCain even picked Palin shows his camp understood the deficiencies of their candidate and where willing to address them. How can one now turn around and credibly try to pin blame on Palin? Picking Palin implies that not picking Palin would be a bad move, that not picking a fiscal and social conservative would have had negative effects on the campaign. The fact that McCains campaign was run so terrible that he couldnt win DESPITE having Palin on the ticket is in no way a reflection on her.

Some of you on this site may remember I was a enthusiastic backer of Big Mac. My support for Mac came only after he won the nomination. I am a yellow dog voter. For those who dont know, a yellow dog voter is someone who would vote for a yellow dog if the party nominated it.

However, my support, for what its worth, of Palin is genuine. Although I cannot prove it in any scientific way, I am positive that the GOP should embrace real conservatives like Palin if it wishes to regain power. My only proof would be the one that I stated earlier, that Barry won by running as a tax cutter. Fiscal conservatism works best (and naturally) with social conservatism. Mrs Palin represents both of these camps.

One time for your mind: Drill, baby, drill!