A response to Bobbymike (American suicide)

Fellow Canadian what up go Flames

Americans, for reals, this guy hit on something very important:It was a big change from Canada where big government socialism had seemingly depressed everyone’s dreams

This is true. Socialism isnt some ok thing. Its evil. It changes habits of thoughts. Look at the people of the former Soviet slave states. Hungary is famous for the fact that Communism (which is really what all socialist want) killed the civic spirit. This isnt only true now, or 20 years ago. It is so predictable it should be considered a law of nature. Entitlements breed dependence.

Im a reader of old books. Im currently reading, because I heard Big Mac did, Gibbons ‘Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire’. My version is about 1200 pages, and Im a little more than halfway through. You know what the historian thinks killed Rome? To cut to the short, the loss of manlyness (spelling?). What killed the famous Roman spirit? Bread and circuses, the loss of manners (they go very eastern; read feminine and homosexual), the relaxation of duty.

Sound familiar America?

Im not a native of the Empire of Liberty. Maybe thats why I love your country. For foreigners like bobbymike and I, America is still the shinning city on the hill. It is still the Capital of the World, the first among Nations. Why do we love it so? Because America was founded, some 200+ years ago, as the first nation ever, or since, to be based on ‘Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’. It was founded as a direct response to the wretchedness of the world around the founders. It was founded so people could do what they wanted without having to look over their shoulder to see if the King was gonna steal it.

America, we love you. Why are you turning away from who you are? You want to see what socialized medicine, aka universal medicine, looks like? Try 6 months wait to get kidney stone surgery. Try 3 month waits to get a MRI. You wanna see a doctor who specializes in something? Hope you dont die before the year is out. You want to see what sky high taxes on the ‘richest 2%’ looks like? In Canada, they damn near take 50% of whatever a business makes. The guy who invented the Blackberry is Canadian. His business is not located in Canada. Is this a coincidence, or is it a direct response to the oppressive taxes?

Democrats want to make it easier (read force people into) for unions. In B.C., they made a law that if you employed 5 people or more you had to unionize. Alberta, with no such law, got a lot of new business. Singapore, with no such law, got a lot of new business. B.C. lost a lot of jobs, and money.

Democrats also bemoan the fact that people who want to make money are going overseas. Offshoring. They want to make this illegal. America, cant you see what will happen? Business wont comply unless you pay them the difference. Pay them or they will leave. Who pays? People say the taxpayer but this is a lie. Listen man, if you make 40 gs a year you dont have any money to pay tax. You may grumble about the amount you pay but all of you combined isnt very much. The ‘top 2%’ as barry likes to call them, they pay for everything in this country, tax wise.

America, why do you want to hold your best citizens hostage to appease the worst? When you hear barry talk about how he wants to give 95% of the people a tax break, but you dont ask where this will come from, you are being used. When you hear barry talk about how he is going to double the tax on the top 2% without asking yourself whether or not this means your employer will have any money left over to employ you, you are being used, plus you are a fool. When you hear barry talk about universal insurance without questioning the cost, the need, or even looking around the world to see what such rationing has done, your being used.

America. This election is important. Redstaters, you need to go out and challenge the people in your country, challenge their ideas. The intellectual left isnt smart. They are bankrupt of ideas, and have been for decades. Why do they prevail? Because we do not challenge their ideas. When you let someone assert that the left cares more, you have failed the conservative cause. When you let your professor blame the right for the ills the left has caused, you let us down. When you let your newspaper columnists write stupid leftwing pieces, and you dont flood the guys office with rebutalls, you let us down.

America, you are the worlds last best hope. Please, with these few weeks left to fight the beast that Obama, Ried, and Pelosi will create, you must get active. You must go out and campaign, door to door if need be, for our guys. The left has no argument for any of our ideas. Our ideas are rooted in nature herself. The lefts ideas are unnatural, and hence, only cause misery.

America, you are the one place in the world where I can go with a dollar in my pocket and no political connections, no gangster connections, no religous connections, and make myself, through my own work ethic and ideas, a somebody. Dont give up hope. We can still win this.