MSNBC drifts closer to an implosion

Link is from drudge:http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0808/12900_Page2.html

videos are from youtube, the links are in the article. (I mean, Im sure you all watch MSNBC anyways)

This is hilarious. Apparently the crew working MSNBC political coverage of the democratic convention all hate each other. Whats more, because they grew up in touchy feely households, none of them have the common courtesy, manners, or professionalism to keep it off the air.

Scarborough got into tiffs with both Schuster (a tool) and Olbermann (tools would beat me up if I called Olbermann a tool). The dust ups are pretty funny. Scarborough accuses schuster of having a democratic bias after Schuster refers to the GOP as Scarboroughs party. Schuster claims he is an independent, and Scarborough replies “right, everyone in this network, on their voting card, says independent.” but its more awesome than it reads because Scarborough had his eyes rolling up and his tone was awesomely derisive. Schuster actually proved he was a man by standing up for himself. And by that I mean promptly running from the set.

Olbermann and Mathews are rumoured to hate each other too. On the air, while Olbermann was introducing some stupid democrat, you can hear Mathews yelling, out of shot, (paraphrasing now) “You made sounds during my interview, Im gonna make sounds in yours!”. Holy hand grenade, these people are what, 50? 60 years old? There whiny little children!

Anyways, the best part of this smile inducing story is their President, Phil Griffen, trying to spin the situation as if everything is cool and as it should be at his network. But heres a little quote from some unnamed source from MSNBC: The situation at our channel is about to blow up.

About to?