Obama is a looter

Id encourage you all to go check out this website:http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0808/12237.html

You read it? Good. If you didnt, Ill sum it up for you. Obama wants to loot the oil companies of their own well earned profits and give it you, the lowly serf.

The One is going to make the EVIL BIG OIL COMPANIES, you know, the guys who make it possible to get to work, get your food, heat your home, drive your car, generally be able to live like a human and not an animal, pay every person in America $500, or $1000 for a family (by the way I dont get this, most families are like 4 people, so shouldnt they be getting $2000? I think Obama hates children).

But wait, there is more.

Obama also wants to spend $50 Billion, WITH A B, paid for with the looting he plans to do to the oil companies, on another stimulus package, which he claims will save 1 million jobs. How does he know it will save 1 million jobs, notwithstanding the fact that he plans to gut an industry that directly and indirectly employs far more than 1 million people? Because, you see, HE IS THE ONE. Its probably just a number they came up with to dupe the dupes.

I have a better idea. Why dont we take everything from the people who work in this country, and give it all to the people who dont work. Why pretend its just the oil companies that are evil for making money. Its clear Obama is after everyone who has had some success in their lives.

You know, I think they tried this in Zimbabwe.