Steelman For VP


So Im watching the GBeck show and he had this lady on Id never heard of before. Sarah Steelman. I now have a huge, school girl crush on Mrs Steelman.

Steelman, running for Gov of Missouri, spoke about her principles and political positions. Please, please, please go to her website (http://www.sarahsteelman.com) and read about her. The Lady is awesome, as in awe inspiring. Is it too late to run her for our candidate for POTUS? Too bad.

Im sure all the more politically savvy readers here will call me an idiot and what not, as she is running for Governer and probably not interested in the VP. Baw Humbug I say. You want a sexy, unconventional pick for VP? Shes your man.

She even bought her kid a gun for his 13th birthday! Im in love.