Fashion Police in the tank

To quote everyones favourite manager, Ozzie Guillen, Psh, please.

Lets keep this short, as I imagine most people arent all that interested in what Vanity Fair has to say on the fashion senses of the potential first ladies (is that a title, should I be capping that?). However, I enjoy fashion, Im not above spending my entire paycheck on a suit, so it peaked my interest a little.

Cindy McCain is an excellent dresser. CUIL search her (dont support the tyrant supporters at google, please and thank you) and you will find many examples of what a proper lady should be dressing like. I even liked her hair in an up-do, but I understand her going for the more casual look she has been sporting recently. I myself dont think she should have to hide the fact that her clothes are all custom, designer made. Its her money and she can do with it what she wants.

Which brings us to this Vanity Fair article. I dont care how they try to spin it. No one who shops at Target is a better dresser than somebody who gets their clothes from Oscar de la Renta. Im not trying to diss Target shoppers, I shop there, but lets be real about this. Michelles $150 beetle juice dress (oo I went there), or an Oscar de la Renta?

I know the media is in the tank for Barry. I get that they love him. I just dont think its wise for Vanity Fair to be lowering the value of their brand, which is what they are doing, when they say Michelle is a better dresser then Cindy. She isnt.