Are Nancy and Barry really that stupid?

Ok, I didnt see this mentioned anywhere on the site, maybe I missed it.

Lets start with the heap of stupidity that is The Speaker of the House

Anybody who has been watching the price of oil futures would tell you that when Lincoln reborn, President Bush, rescinded the executive order banning oil exploration, the futures price went down. It went down by like $30.

“The President has failed in his economic policy, and now he wants to say, ‘but for drilling in protected areas offshore, our economy would be thriving and the price of gas would be lower.’ That hoax is unworthy of the serious debate we must have to relieve the pain of consumers at the pump and to promote energy independence”

Where to start? First, Nancy is stupid. Second, dont listen to anybody who tells you Bush is the problem with the economy. As you know, Bush isnt the Commander of the Economy. We havent gone commie, yet. Third, If you did drill in more areas, areas off limits currently, YOU WOULD BE PROMOTING ENERGY INDEPENDENCE, AND YOU WOULD LOWER THE PRICE OF NOT ONLY GAS, BUT EVERY PRODUCT THAT IS MADE WITH OIL.

If Nancy seriosly cant comprehend this, she is not only perhaps the stupidest person in congress (sadly, I bet she isnt) but she is also dangerous, due to her position.

On to Barry. Barry is disgusting. Why? Take a look at this:http://www.breitbart.tv/html/142113.html

Inflate your tires? You wanna be POTUS, and you give me inflate your tires? Anybody watch Kudlow the other day? Barry apperently had a meeting with his economic advisors. One of them was on Kudlow. Kudlow asked her if they talked about oil. THEY DIDNT. Kudlow asked her if they discussed the dollar. THEY DIDNT. What did they discuss? Who knows, but who cares. If they didnt talk about what to do about the American Pesso, and they didnt talk about the price of oil, then they are…S T U P I D.