A Convenient Amnesty

After being booked, most felons want to speak to a lawyer. Not this cat.

Two decades of falsely assimilating into the American milieu entitled Onyango Obama a call to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to make bail. Or so he thought. Framingham police weren’t as accommodating.

Obama’s pleading not guilty to driving under the influence was hardly unexpected for someone who’d been flying under the radar since ignoring a 1992 deportation order.

In that time, Onyango Obama, or Uncle Omar as the president calls him in the campaign-biopic Dreams from My Father, acquired a valid Massachusetts driver’s license, social security card and with Immigration and Customs Enforcement mum on the subject, what other amenities did Uncle Omar’s quasi-citizenship come with?

While millions of government dollars shred like confetti over abuse of illegal ingress, Uncle Omar, half-brother of Barack Obama’s father, likely found a timely reprieve from his half-nephew. Through executive fiat, Barack Obama’s new backdoor amnesty plan, illegal immigrants facing deportation can embed themselves into America by applying for work permits.

The caveat for Uncle Omar is Homeland Security’s role in the regime’s supposed focus on removing convicted criminals posing a threat a threat to national security and public safety.

In July, Obama told the National Council of La Raza he couldn’t go around Congress and implement immigration ‘reform’ or grant amnesty because ‘that’s not how our democracy functions.’

What a difference two months make in Barack Obama’s world. With Congress gone for the summer, his surreptitious Dream Act provides hope for Uncle Omar and 20 million illegal aliens already here, and more on the way though the daily entryway of America’s southern border.

Changing immigration policy without Congressional approval is a vain attempt by Obama’s handlers to play the electoral card game by pandering to, and hopefully boosting the Latino vote in states like Florida with 25 electoral votes. If only creating jobs came with that much side-stepping, or the president had a fortuitous plan of sorts, his poll numbers wouldn’t be tanking.

It’s an insult POTUS cares so little for American citizens that he’s willing to usurp the legislative process to implement his own plans. Hopefully Congress catches up to Obama, overturning the misuse of executive order he employs whenever the need to pacify special interest groups he can’t facilitate through normal lawmaking channels arises.

According to the September 9th edition of The Boston Globe, Uncle Omar was “quietly released from jail,” although ICE isn’t saying whether he posted bond, or whether he still faces deportation.

The Obama family tree casts a long shadow against the light of supremacy: Uncle Omar’s blatant disregard of American law, the dissident socialist Barack Obama Sr.’s divergence during the post-colonial rule of Jomo Kenyatta, and finally Barack Obama, methodic in the art of class warfare, and chief-circumventer of constitutionality whenever the mood strikes him.

It’s a safe bet Uncle Omar long resides in the Land of the Free.