Post-Obama: Restoration of a Nation

Sifting through the rubble of weakened nationalism, remnants from the steep learning curve of a dogmatic, bereft-of-centricity ideologue are the harsh reality the next President of the United States inherits as part of rebuilding all that’s been compromised in the disquieting four years of Barack Obama.

Developing America’s natural energy resources, tapping into the most innovative minds and cognizance leading to job creation will be unharnessed.

Drilling moratoriums will be lifted, assets like ANWR and the Northeastern states Marcellus Shale depositories explored, and the hiatus of NASA technology, stymied by the Obama Regime, given a chance to launch again.

Hyped during the final space shuttle Obama sees for America, was recovering Congresswoman Gabby Giffords bidding temporary goodbye to husband, Endeavour Captain Mark Kelly, swapping wedding rings before liftoff.

While a moving gesture, the discourse for restoring NASA, whether as a private sector incentive in the form of tax credits or revamped on the national level is worth exploration.

Whether she ever returns to Congress as a conscientious voice, Gifford’s amazing recovery and link to Kelly bears witness NASA shouldn’t have been scrapped by a bellicose president calling for more spending on climate science, America becoming Brazil’s best petroleum exporter, or the building of a national high-speed rail line.

If NASA has to better define its role in future projects or assigned production takes over space exploration, Florida Senator Marco Rubio believes halting the program harms local economies as, “many industries exist because of the space program.

The black hole Obama will leave defunding NASA’s is what CEO of the Space Foundation Elliot Pulham says “[will] cost America the vital edge in economic power and national security,” the latter Obama showed little concern here on Earth for, given his mendacious claim in El Paso of all places, that “America’s southern border is safer than ever.”

Contradictory to marginalizing NASA was Obama’s 2011 SOTU address referencing Sputnik’s conquest of space, and how America’s technological future depends on advancements drawn from the next generation of educated minds competing with formidable global counterparts.

Allowing China and India the fact track in scientific innovation is reprehensible. The mentality of the Obama/Mickey D’s economy where 9.1% unemployment would be higher if not for the Golden Arches suggest this President put politics and polls ahead of science, engineering and the innovation to even compete against overseas development.

Shutting down Gulf oil production, irresponsible energy policy such as like releasing 30 million barrels from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve prove Obama’s deliberate caliphate.

Discovering new reserves, space travel and America’s defense needn’t have been forsaken as an academic motivator.