From Pain to Pleasure..

This Republican primary season began as something very new for me. This is the second Presidential election that I can vote in, and I was very much looking forward to the primary process as this would be my first time I could vote in that. I began the year fully hoping that Fred Thompson would enter the race, and I was ecstatic when he FINALLY got in. When he faded away (and boy that didn’t take very long), McCain was doing very well as was Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee. I could not stand John McCain and I was very disheartened after Super Tuesday. My allegiances shifted to Mitt Romney after Super Tuesday, but McCain’s victory in Florida sealed Mitt’s fate. In less than a few months, I had been deflated twice and I was not looking forward to this general election at all.

When McCain clinched the nomination, I was extremely unhappy. His stances on illegal immigration, campaign finance, and his willingness to work with liberals moreso than conservatives enraged me, and Bob Barr started looking like a very viable alternative for me. The Obama stardom was in full force, and I just wondered, why oh why are the political gods looking down on me this year!?!?

Then came these past two days. Last night, I was convinced, as were many others, that Tim Pawlenty was that man. I was pulling for Mitt, and I told myself that I would jump in with two feet for McCain if Mitt was it. However, Pawlenty did not get me going, and I felt like I had no dog at all in this race. How surprised was I to wake up this morning and find out that Tim Paw was not the man, Mitt wasn’t going to Dayton, and Sarah Palin was the new frontrunner for the job.

From 9-10:30 I was watching the liveblogging that RS had on the main page, and I was quickly following every link that posters were posting to see where I could get the latest up the second information about Palin and whether or not McCain would choose her. Then came CNBC breaking it first online, then the Chicago Tribune, then finally CNN and FoxNews. I was absolutely stunned and elated, and for the first time in my political life, I was so excited to vote.

While many talking heads say that people don’t vote for Vice President, I personally was. McCain’s pick would make me or break me, and not only did it make me, it was an absolute home run. Sarah is an extremely intelligent women who is juggling running a state and a family. Not only that, she hunts, fishes, and is a hockey mom. A pro-lifer with a down syndrome child, she does not have the victimhood mentality that the Democrats have utilized every election cycle.

Today John McCain won my vote, and the McCain bumper sticker that I have been waiting to put onto my car will now proudly be displayed.GO MCCAIN-PALIN!!!!