Clinton Wrote More Personal Emails Than Official Ones, Averaging 31 a Day

According to the LA Times, Hillary Clinton has revealed that aides “deleted more than 30,000 emails that she deemed personal.”

In fact, Clinton herself breaks down the email numbers: there were 62,320 total messages. 30,490 of these were provided to the State Department, and 31,830 were private records that were destroyed.

That’s right, she wrote more personal emails than professional ones during her tenure as Secretary of State.

Hillary Clinton served as Secretary of State from March 2009 to February 2013. That’s four years minus one month. 4 years is 1460 days, plus minus 30 days, totaling 1430 days as Secretary of State. If she sent 31,830 private mails, that averages roughly 22.2 personal emails each day, 365 days a year, the entire time she was Secretary of State.

Does your employer tolerate that many personal emails a day?

It’s even worse if you don’t factor in weekends and federal holidays, just strict federal government working hours. The government calculates that federal employees work 2,087 hours a year. For Clinton’s term as Secretary of state, 2087 hours x 4 years is 8348 hours. Subtract a month (174 hours) and you get 8174 hours.

If she was able to delete 31,830 personal emails over her term, she sent 3.89 personal emails an hour, or one about every 15 minutes, racking up about 31 personal emails over an 8 hour work day. On taxpayer money. And taxpayer time. Hillary Clinton was paid $186,600 a year as Secretary of State.

At least we now know what she was probably doing during Benghazi.