Work is Not A "Lifestyle Choice"

It was certainly no surprise to most of us that the CBO report showed Obamacare was, and will be, costing the economy countless jobs. White House and congressional Democrats could have put a spin on it that this was a necessary price to pay in order to get Obama’s signature health care proposal implemented, but they didn’t do that.

Instead, they chose a response which showed them to be the disingenuous hypocrites that they truly are. It also showed that their true intention is simply political — in other words, they wantonly came up with whatever excuse would lose them the least number of votes.

The White House and congressional Democrats  explained the CBO’s job loss outlook to actually be a good thing. The job losses merely reflect the fact that individuals will, going forward, have work “choices”. Such examples include the option to retire before one might have otherwise done so, or perhaps stay at home as a single parent because the government is providing for them (health care) what otherwise only a job could.

But this logic is ridiculous. Electing the option to not work when one could do so will certainly prevent many people from getting ahead along the economic chain. Taking this approach in combination with an extension of food stamp benefits, an extension of unemployment benefits, an extension of other welfare programs, and pushing to raise the minimum wage creates a disincentive to work — all act in tandem to prevent the upward mobility that the President has said he so sorely wants and unequivocally demands.

He can’t have it both ways. The President cannot be both against economic inequality and simultaneously for policies that maintain prolonged dependence. The preposterous idea that work is now a “lifestyle choice” reveals the shallowness of his supposed commitment to economic success.

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