Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, "Ponzi Mom"

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s website proudly proclaims “as the mother of two young children, Senator Gillibrand knows that working families are struggling in this difficult economy.” But Sen. Gillibrand’s positions regarding the economy don’t support such a statement.

When Gillibrand appeared on Meet The Press on April 21, she stated that she refuses to support even the trivial chain “CPI” adjustment of Social Security benefits “because it is not significantly affecting the current deficit”. This reform (backed even by President Obama in his April 7 budget) changes the formula for calculating cost-of-living increases in Social Security, thereby reducing future raises slightly. Gillibrand’s extreme position, on the other hand, flatly spurns any changes that will reduce the looming catastrophe of Social Security.

Gillibrand is well aware that the reason that the current deficit is not being significantly affected is that her children’s future retirement payments are being confiscated, being used to pay for current retirees (whose retirement payments were similarly confiscated). This is the well known Ponzi method of entitlements – taking money from current workers who think — and are being told by Ms. Gillibrand – that they are paying for their own retirement, when in fact the money is being stolen to pay for others whose money was similarly taken under false pretenses.

The current total Social Security liabilities, per the Annual Trustees Report, has ballooned to $20.5 trillion. The liabilities are the promised future payments to workers currently paying into the system. Gillibrand is aware that each year that goes by significantly increases the burden to her own children, and ours — which weakens the economy. For her staunch advocacy of this position, she should be granted the well-earned title of PONZI MOM.

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