We need the true conservatives in Congress to re-take the narrative

We are now hearing that GOP “leadership” is changing the conditions of a vote to increase the debt and re-open the government. Now, instead of the simple condition of “defund Obamacare,” which is what the people actually want, they are starting to talk, again, about dead-end negotiations to “reduce the debt.”

So that stinks, and Erickson has a good take on it. But here’s my question. Why are we letting this narrative go? I cannot get a microphone. But you know who can? The 40 or so true conservatives in the House. They can give a joint press conference, I would be really short. They would say that the government will not reopen and the debt ceiling will not be increased until Obama and the Senate agree to defund Obamacare. They could then remind the media that any talk about “bargains,” grand or otherwise, is simply a distraction. You get your government back when Obamacare is defunded. Period. Full Stop.

That would take some of the press away from the waffling “leadership” and remind people what this is really about.