Why I support Joe Miller

This is something I posted in the comments section of adn.com (The website for the Anchorage Daily News).  I’ve been mulling things over a bit in the last 24 hours.  I have to admit the latest bomb (using boro computers to get rid of Ruedrich) really bothers me, but at the end of the day changes nothing.  I’m posting this to, share what may be going through some peoples minds here, but more importantly, hoping that, if someone on RedState is either part of the Miller campaign, or know people who are, that they get moving.  There is still no real pushback, and even that (admittedly great) commercial mentioned on here earlier has actually been running for a week or two.

Look, the three choices at this point are

1) an entitled petulant middle of the roader who was too lazy to campaign in the primary. Without that sense of entitlement, she would have done the standard oppo research (it doesn’t take THAT much, this whole state is an overgrown gossipy small town), and Miller wouldn’t even be a factor. While I can’t know this, given her lack of party loyalty, she could either join the Dems, or more likely, join the Maine Girls and enable at least some of Obama’s agenda. As a fyi, I voted for her in the Primary. It is her behavior since then that has solidified my belief that the Tea Party was correct about her.

2) A (as far as I know) perfectly nice/honest standard issue Dem who Conservatives disagree with on pretty much everything. Just not an option for anyone not of the left.

3) A highly flawed, intelligent, eccentric Conservative running a terrible campaign. It is becoming clear the guy flat out doesn’t like playing by the rules, and he either breaks them, or at least works at the very edge of them.

The thing is ..he is the only conservative in the race. The other choices enable an agenda most of us find detestable, Murkowski to some extent, McAdams to the full extent. Also ..face it, he really is “us” at least in the sense of what brings a lot of outsiders to our state. Clearly he didn’t want a 9-5 job. Doesn’t play real well with others, and is a privacy nut. Willing to work the system in order to avoid the 9-5 life. Would tell an employer to shove it, if he wanted to do something he found more interesting (like elk hunting). Doesn’t suffer fools well, and given a likely very high IQ, I’m sure he finds a lot of fools out there (to his thinking), and if he thinks someone is a fool, doesn’t mind being dishonest with them.

He may turn out to be a total charlatan, but for conservatives, we have two absolute nos and one maybe.

Read more: http://www.adn.com/2010/10/13/1500580/borough-mayor-calls-miller-dishonest.html#disqus_thread#ixzz12MwC4iA7