Sarah Palin - real governor and fantasy creation.

Even after 11 months of discussion, debate, and becoming the human representation of TMI folks still don’t understand  the disconnect between a national almost cultlike figure named Sarah Palin, and who and what she is as the governor of Alaska.  I’m not a political insider, just someone who the Chosen One pushed towards activism.  The issues on my end are policy and executive competence.  I’m not going to replay all that now, it doesn’t much matter, but at the end of the day, I don’t think she left the office in better shape than she started. Of course we can’t give a final grade until we see how the pipeline works out, but at this point I don’t see it happening.  Yes she personally lives her beliefs as what I’d call a “gut conservative” but pretty much everything else she did as governor before the call from McCain was popularity driven.  As I stated in another post, I think if she has a national future, it probably comes as a Buchanan/Perot thing.  Even in her quit speech, it was clear just how separate she is from the Republican mainstream.  Her political worldview to the extent it is developed, appears to be pure populist.  The Republican Party in Alaska is a disaster at this point.  I’m not exagerating when I say you have to plan carefully who sits where, since some people won’t sit together.  Gov Palin had to bring her own radio flack to introduce her at a Michael Reagan talk because she disliked the emcee of the event.  Sean Parnell is liked by most, bright, competent, has zero charisma (Don Young called him Captain Zero).  I think we’ll see a lot more Republican comity up here at least for awhile, and we need it.

On the national stuff, a pox on all their houses.  Even as a non Palin fan, the way the media treated her was unconscionable.  Yes we know politics is a bloodsport, but you destroy someone *politically* you don’t destroy them *personally.”  In a rational world, there are a few people out there that Todd would have had every right to beat the crap out of.  McCain used her.  She wasn’t ready for prime time and he knew it.  Staff started leaking stuff about her ..DURING THE ELECTION.  You just don’t do that.  I can’t think of another national candidate backstabbed by staff before voting day. 

She did bring a lot of this on herself.  A number of her advisers were already underqualified when she was mayor of Wasilla.  What in the world was she thinking when she helped feed the shark attack by talking to the tabloids????  Another negative is that to a large extent she was brought down by a couple of local bloggers in a version of the unpopular girls taking out the popular cheerleader in a catfight.  Now the dems have another weapon, we don’t play that game well, this age truly is the Revenge of the Nerds. 

The final piece of this has been her cult followers (and NO I’m NOT saying that every Palin supporter is a cultist).  Obviously we want votes wherever we can get them but the cultists just managed to make us look bad, sometimes fight amongst ourselves, and distract us from more important things.  Whatever break she is taking from politics ..Single issue Palinbots …PLEASE …find a new hobby!  Build a shrine to Michael Jackson.  Memorize 19th century baseball statistics become an expert in the Japanese game of Go (I especially recommend this one), just move on to whatever the inevitable next interest/fad/religion is.  If you can recruit a Ron Paul nut or two to go with you so much the better.  You will doing Republicans a favor, you will be doing sane conservatives a favor, you will even be doing Gov. Palin a favor.  At this rate it is a matter of time before some unrequited worshipper tries to pull a Mark David Chapman on her.