A Horrible Terrible no good very bad day for the Heath Palin clan

this was not exactly a sparkling day for the Palin-Heath clan.

1) Todd’s half sister was arrested for 2 burglaries apparently with her 4 y/o daughter in tow.

2)  The Legislature has rejected her rejection of their rejection of Tim Grussendorf to take the place of Kim Elton.  Senate Pres. Gary Stevens (R-Kodiak) is supporting a lawsuit.

3)  Levi Johnston gave an interview to Tyra Banks, stating that he and Bristol “mostly” practiced safe sex, and that Sarah had to know they were having sex “Moms are pretty smart.”  There was some other dirty laundry as well, and Meg Stapleton is already out saying he was lying etc.

4)  She apparently missed another meeting with the Leg over the Stimulus package.  She stated in an interview with Anne Sutton of AP that the Leg. really controlled the pursestrings and that they wanted the money, the Leg. says her veto power is the final say.

5)  Though I don’t think it will really happen, there is actually growing noise about Ted Stevens running for Governor in 2010.  If he did, I don’t *think* Palin would have a chance in a primary.  How ironic would that be?

I wonder if the bloom is coming off the rose for anyone on the national scene.