Justice for Ted Stevens

“I know Senator Stevens was not liked by many at RedState, but this is still a real sore spot up here, for good reason.

The headlines are gone, and MSNBC no longer cares. But that’s all the more reason to take note of the strange and disturbing turn in the Ted Stevens legal saga.

Prosecutors claimed this senior Senatorial scalp last year, winning an ethics conviction a fortnight before the octogenarian Republican narrowly lost his bid for a seventh term from Alaska. Though media interest stopped there, the story has since become one of ambitious prosecutors who at the very least botched the job and may have miscarried justice.”



“Mr. Stevens will try to overturn the verdict and rebuild his reputation. He is unlikely to get his Senate seat back, even if he wins on appeal or at retrial. But the evidence of prosecutorial malpractice is serious enough to warrant an internal Justice probe, and perhaps judicial sanctions.”

To my mind, nationally, this is the untold story of the last Election.  Even moreso than the Franken-Coleman mess.   That, much like Bush/Gore 2000 was essentially a tie, this was a manipulation of a race that otherwise wouldn’t even have been close.