RE: Sara Palin

Seems to me that most of the major news networks are biased towards the Democrats.

I am a registered Independent and vote for whomever I believe is the best candidate for office. Just an ordinary American wife, mother, grandmother, etc…but I am sickened by what is going on in this country and I am not talking about high gas prices, inadequate healthcare – I am talking about the downfall of the U.S. as we know it! If history shows us anything (even though we don’t seem to learn from it) every great civilization has fallen because of exactly what is happening in the good ol’ US of A. Quit complaining everyone and do something about it: We need to bring back good solid morals, quit spoiling our young people – which leads to an “entitlement” attitude, when someone wants to make this country there home – learn English! Take care of the US – you can count on one hand how many nations come to our aid or would come to our aide in a crisis, but we help everyone! I am not saying that we don’t need to be global in nature, but lets make our priority ourselves for a change!

I am writing because I want to say my piece regarding Sara Palin. Several points I would like to make:

  1. Barack Obama – what? 143 days in Congress! Sara Palin: Two years as Governor of our great state, two terms as Mayor of Wasilla, Ak (thriving/growing community), two terms on city council. Plus executive experience as Ethics Chairmen for Ak Gas/Power Commssion.

I thought the reasons we voted for a candidate were there record, experience and ethics???Not because Oprah tells us to, because the candidate is a certain color, or we feel some kind of guilt re: treatment of people in the past. I have heard people actually say I don’t know anything about Obama’s record, but we want our black president – Ridiculous!

Also, the networks are dragging Gov. Palin thru the dirt because she has a pregnant teenage daughter? I am more concerned about a candidate who attends a church that preaches hatred. Obama says he didn’t know they held such racist beliefs? Come on! You can’t tell me that you are great friends with the minister/have attended this church and don’t know they preach hatred towards their fellow man/or possibly hold this same belief? I would walk out of a church that preached these ideas!

  1. Does Sara have enough experience to become President, if God forbid, something happened to Senator McCain? Sara is a brilliant, ethical woman who I am sure would surround herself with like-minded individuals.

  2. Does having five children – one of them with Downs Syndrome affect her abilities to do her job? Come on people! We all know women in this country balance careers, family, etc…every day. As the mother of a severly multiply handicapped child, I have worked full time, raised four children, put in thousands of hours of volunteer work, moved 18 times during my husband’s Air Force career (some of those while he was not around to help due to TDYs and deployments (been mother and father while he was gone coaching sports and leading Scout meetings) – it doens’t compare to being president, but most women run circles around men in the multitasking/organizational dept! Sara and Todd have a solid marriage of twenty years – seems to me they have proven they can compromise and handle the shared responsibilities of family.

  3. Bristol, their seventeen year old daughter being pregnant? If this was a male vice presidential candidate not a word would be said about his pregnant daughter. I don’t care how great a parent you are/have had conversations about sex with your teenagers – they can get in trouble in this immoral, crazy world we live in. Gosh, grownups make bad choices – look at Clinton, Edwards, many politicians! The Palins were forthcoming and honest in their revelations about their family….how refreshing! Honesty! What a Concept!

  4. We as Americans, are lucky to get this moral, good woman with the drive and “can do” attitude needed to fix what is wrong with this country. I think even more of Sen. McCain since he had the smarts to pick Palin!

an Alaskan now living in Florida